Looped Around all of Surfside (Nov 11, 2020)

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The point is closer than you think.

We went for a walk around the perimeter of Surfside today. The seawall was very familiar to us, but the views are always slightly different. We then continued around the eastern point where the original park models are located. We were surprised to see how close we were to Shelley Point which is a walking trail across the estuary from us. Supper was a bit of an experiment, consisting of a new veal supplier for schnitzel and packaged spaetzle in the form of egg noodles. We will go back to our handcrafted spaetzle in the future.

Lez adds: the walk was only an hour - but we still managed 37 photos! Back in the "good ol' days" that would have been a roll of film to be processed (slides!) and not see the results for 3, maybe 4 weeks!!! I prefer these good new days!! Our trek took us to a whole "new" section of the estuary - where the Englishman River actually reaches the ocean, and where the ocean tides bring in the salmon for the eagle and otter to provide great photo ops out my back window!! We chatted with a long-timer in Surfside, who was preparing her garden for winter. They only use their unit in the summer! She cited the lack of insulation, which surprised us. We have also come to understand why a lot of units are not occupied - these are people's summer cottages on their 99-year-lease "purchased" lot. Truly a lot with a view! I could get used to that!