Calm Seas (Nov 10, 2020)

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Green grass and high tides.

No, not the great R&R song by the Outlaws. The grass is green here and the tides were high today. We walked the sea wall and remarked how calm the sea was. Lee BBQ'd pork in the dark and we had a great supper. It was off and on raining in the evening and the temperature had dropped to the freezing point so we stayed nice and cozy in the Schooner for the evening.

Lez adds: Mom has noted that the rain is really needed after a very dry spring and summer. Calm seas and no wind - made for some great photos of the shoreline including the rocks under the surface - clear as can be! Lee snapped two photos 5 minutes apart to show just how fast the tide moves! If wandering on the spit - don't dawdle when that tide is coming in. The estuary has salmon in it - we know that for sure - as Clarence, the Otter, proudly showed off his catch right across from the Schooner. A very calm day all in all.