Hobbes Says No Thanks (Nov 9, 2020)

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I want to go outside, no I don't.

The day broke cold (for here) and windy. Lee made muffins and soon had the Schooner even more toasty. Lez had an online QOVC meeting and then got inspired to do some more quilt design work. Lee ventured out to the post office and the hardware store. It continued to blow with great gusto. Hobbes wanted to go outside so badly. Finally, Lee took him outside and set him down near the estuary. He promptly turned around, walked to the Schooner and climbed the door steps. Lee spent the evening editing photos and Lez continued designing patterns. Hobbes gave up and curled up with us. We went for a walk to the shoreline about 11 pm. It was still in the RV park and no wind.

Lez tries not to gloat: The photos that people were sharing this morning on social media - including from Aaron & Chris of their back deck - showed a cross province DUMPING of snow!! Yes, it's cold here - but not freezing and it's wet, but not snowing. The QOVC meeting went very well - a first meeting for the new Regional Coordinator - Pam Robertson-Rivet and a few of the reps - old timers and newbies. Lots of sharing of info. And yes, it was inspiring and the EQ quilt designing program was 'smokin' ! Left over fondue meats and potato pancakes steamed up the kitchen and the Malbec finished off the meal nicely.