Family Dinner with Mom (Nov 8, 2020)

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Cleaning up the yard.

After breakfast, Lee performed a bunch of chores around our site, including packing away the screen room (from last night's or was that early this morning's) adventure. He also set up the tripod stand under the Schooner hitch to see what effect that would have on Schooner's stability. Later on, we went to grandmas's for family dinner. The kids in Edmonton were unavailable today, so grandma, Lee and Lez had family dinner together. We talked about many things until after 10 pm. As we headed back, we noticed the wind had died down but it had also gotten colder. The online weather app indicated we were at -2c. Cold, but not like in Edmonton. And the Schooner was toasty.

Lez sighs: A very quiet day, not a lot to report. We slept in after our 1:30 a.m. adventure - and without the noise of the flapping screen room, slept like logs. I spent most of the day doing a lot of editing and Facebook posting photos from our time at the Writing On Stone Provincial Park. That was over a month ago, and what memories!!! 260 photos from 1 evening and 1 day. It became two posts - the evening post and the first 1km of the next day. I have yet to edit etc the 2km and hike back!!! It was incredible (if you recall the rattler post from October 1!).