Dis-assembly in the Thick of Night (Nov 7, 2020)

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A reminder of the past.

We headed into Nanaimo today so Lez could present two QOVC quilts on behalf of the local rep who was recovering from knee surgery. Lez had not done such a presentation for quite a while since backing away from day-to-day QOVC activities. It was a reminder of the past, presenting to former servicemen with medical disabilities. It was also a reminder of their service and sacrifice. We took advantage of being in "the big city" to do some shopping and returned to a very windy Surfside RV. The screen room, particularly the awning supports were groaning and creaking. We went to bed after midnight to the awning sounds, promptly got up again, went outside and dis-assembled the screen room in the dark. It went just fine and we were back in bed not more than half an hour later.

Lez, Pres: What an honour to be able to present a Quilt of Valour again. But what a change in presentation due to Covid 19. I am used to wrapping the quilt around the soldier's shoulders - got the spouses to do that, and I'm used to giving a real hug - well not this time. We met one couple on their driveway - and we were masked up and well distanced. Lee's easy going chat with new people had a very quiet vet soon chatting too. It turns out the veteran's spouse worked with Marg Zwaal, our sister-in-law!! The other recipient was not aware of what was planned, and just thought his son and partner joined them for the day to visit. Surprise! Daughter and hubby also were there for his presentation and, yes, there were tears. We again were masked, and distanced, and spouse Angie wrapped the quilt around him. We did have an opportunity to chat for awhile - and Lee is such a conversationlist that meeting new people and striking up conversations afterwords was easy, and more common topics came up.