Finishing the Screen Room (Nov 6, 2020)

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Patching is a success.

It was time today to attack the remaining hole in our screen room. It was actually a part of the screen sides that did not cover the arc formed by the front of the Schooner. We used available fabric left over from the skirt construction to create a suitable patch in that section. Using stick on Velcro, it fit the space just perfect and did not seem to be an issue when the wind picked up later on. Smokies on the BBQ was a great ending to the day.

Lez Laments: Sewing through the sticky Velcro was a disaster. The glue gums up the needle "somethin' fierce" to quote friend Aubrey Hicks. Threw out the needle after getting as much as possible sewn on. The plan for tomorrow is to pick up the single strip of the Velcro needed without the glue and sew it onto the tent part so that we can stick the tent to the RV part that has the glued Velcro stuck to it. Learn something old every day.