Three Hours Poking on the Shore (Nov 5, 2020)

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Heron in the neighbourhood.

We started today with nice sunny weather. Lee did some software work while Lez updated some recent photos. We then noticed a blue heron along the side of the estuary. Lee managed to get a nice photo. We then went for an almost three hour walk along the beach and the exposed points at low tide. Despite being no more than 10 degrees it felt great. We then had an early supper and settled in the for evening, interrupted for about half an hour while we sat behind the schooner next to the estuary in the dark.

Lez exclaims! That photo of the Great Blue Heron Lee took, is one of those you see in a magazine or National Geographic! It is perfect!! We wandered the shores in the afternoon to catch the low tide which was actually quite high! Cameras were smokin' again - and lots more birds, rocks, waves and shoreline washed up log sculptures are now ready to share. Our evening coffee started out in our lawnchairs outside the back window - but the air had cooled off enough to chase us back inside. We certainly had our fresh air earlier today - and I expect we will sleep well tonight!!