Almost Felt Like Summer (Nov 4, 2020)

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A shopping we will go.

After a late rise, we headed for breakfast at Ricky's followed buy some shopping. The temperature got to 19c which will take some getting used to. LOL. We got back in time before the rain started again.

Lez yawns: A lazy breakfast, a bit of shopping. Worked on photo edits, cameras were quiet. Winds didn't blow as hard, so Lee was able to fasten down the screen room a little more firmly after the night's high winds. The rain let up after dark, the moon came out - it's now a 3/4 moon and we decided to do a boardwalk at the ocean. A sprinkle and quiet, calm start to the walk. We both noticed a faint lighter cloud? in the western sky. It almost looked like a beam of light from the ground. BUT - it was in an arc shape! We discussed the possibilities - the sunlight shining from beyond the horizon, but low enough to still come thru. As we continued west along the shore path, another arc became visible - finishing off what we called a night rainbow. SO very pale! When we got back to the Schooner, Lee googled night rainbow and learned what we saw was a Moonbow!!! It is like a rainbow, but the light comes from the moon's reflection of the sun. The light hits the fine rain droplets in the atmoshphere, just like the sun does when it shines towards a rain cloud. We had never heard or seen such a phenomenon. What a discovery for us!!! As we turned to return to the Schooner, the wind picked up and blew us back, and the rain began.