That Screen Room is Blowing (Nov 3, 2020)

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Rocking the house.

It rained most of the night and the wind was howling. It sounded like our screen room was being ripped off the awning and the awning was being ripped off the Schooner. After a fitful sleep, Lee went out and discovered that the place where the screen room attaches to the Schooner had come loose. Lez came out and soon things were back together. A little later we started out along the estuary behind the Schooner and soon ended up walking the path along the shore in our RV park. Even though it was blowing, it was not cold and the sights were still there - sea lions or seals, whitecaps, a man fishing in the water and lots of birds.

Lez adds: The Schooner was on the high seas last night!!! Complete with full sails! The way the wind was blowing (sight and sound) in the tethered sides of the screen room is very reminiscent of sailing !! I found a lot of mushrooms to take pictures of today, and, of course the various waterfowl around. No otter, no deer, no eagle. They don't like the rain? LOL.