Lez Whips into Nanaimo (Nov 2, 2020)

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A tenting we shall go.

Lee headed out after breakfast to get the last of the supplies for the attached screen room. He then installed the skirt and finished piecing under the steps. Meanwhile, Lez had gone to Nanaimo to get velcro for the remaining piece to be assembled under the Schooner front and thereby completely seal in the room. Things were looking pretty good as we called it a day. And just in time as the rain started not long after supper.

Lez goes shopping: Well - as I hit the high road, it occurred to me that 11,000 kms have been put on the new pickup - and I think I have driven it for maybe 20? Off to Fabricland today - good deals!! Everything was between 50% and 60% off! I picked up some Canadiana flag fabric and made a protective sleeve for the big Canada banner we have that will be used to show all our travels over this adventure. (oh! i did get the velcro too!). Lee made us great dinner - as he does a lot of the meal making - am so spoiled! Hunkered in for the night - and maybe even the next couple of days! Sewing machine is out - now where did I stash away that quilt project!!! Alec sent us a photo and message tonight - he has made the 3D "Benchy" - the 3D printer benchmarking standard - yes, he built and it works - a 3D printer!