Black-tailed Deer Around Surfside [Nov 1, 2020]

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Heron berates eagle.

Lee was up and at 'em to go for some groceries and brought home breakfast. Then it was time for the wildlife entertainment. Lee had seen eleven(!) black tailed deer near the RV park entrance. Several wandered up the estuary across from our site. But what was most interesting was the Blue Heron. They can sit still for hours. But this one started squawking loudly and flew over an eagle that had come around. The eagle promptly left. Lee then built some additional stabilizer stands to further reduce the movement in the Schooner. After that it was time for family dinner at grandma's place. We were all entertained around the virtual tables, with Aaron coming up with the best stories for the second weekend in a row. After we had disconnected, we got a video call from Lee's sister Karin. And there we were for another hour enjoying virtual face to face conversations with family, this time in Hawaii. Are the good new days great!

Lez marvels: Where did the wind go??!! Not a leaf on a tree is moving today. AND, today was the day we were supposed to arrive at Surfside. WOW. The weather to greet those who are coming in - 4 newbies by 2pm! is going to give them a warm welcome. The trees are golden orange colour, beside a yellow green, beside a deep green, beside a pale yellow -- oh dear.... I see a quilt in the making. Good thing I have the fabric stash for the rainy days I am assured will come. Meanwhile - time to inspect what "the Man" has done to close off and Hobbes-proof the new screen room! Inspection passed - and off to gramma's we went! Another wonderful visit with the kids.