Boardwalk Stroll (Oct 31, 2020)

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Herons and fireworks.

Clarence the otter was around today, as well as many ducks and a load of starlings. Lee put up the screen room as best as he could given the wind. It should be alright once we get the skirt in below the schooner. Later on, we paid our first visit to the Coombs dutch store in their new location not far from the Goats on the Roof store. Lez found a suitable replacement for two of our old coffee mugs. We had a nice salmon supper followed by a dark walk on the Parksville Beach boardwalk. We were occasionally lit up by the many fireworks going off around us; a BC tradition apparently.

Lez adds: And I got my first pair of big rubber boots!!! Shoreline plus can now be investigated!!! Hoping the thermal socks will keep the feet warm!! And yes - that wind!! It wasn't so windy when Lee started putting up the screen room - it was like Mother Nature decided "let's have a little fun with this guy"!! He'll finish it tomorrow. Mom finally had a chance to visit and see just what it is we are living in!!! She knew our house in Edmonton very well - and how much we expanded it. She did agree - what we have is what we need and very well suited to us. Still no TV service in our world - by choice, radio and CD's do just fine - along with the sounds of the birds and beach. Today was Bald Eagle and Great Blue Heron, and "Clarence" as we have named our River Otter. They all gather because the salmon are coming through to spawn!! The Mallard and Bufflehead ducks abound, and the black-tailed deer wander past daily. Fireworks tonight were quite a surprise - a nice one for us, as they do not bother us or Hobbes. Frenchman Creek put on quite the display we could see across the water.