Deer and Otter (Oct 30, 2020)

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The eagles have landed.

The wildlife around our part of Surfside was abundant today. Lez was out in the afternoon chasing eagles for photos. Meanwhile, we had deer on the other side of the channel and then the otter was grooming himself about 15 feet from our and our neighbour's RV. About the same time, a blue heron was sitting on our side of the lagoon also. Lee introduced himself to the German couple who are here for the winter. They are parked across the road from us. They got out of the US one week before the border closed but are now stuck in Canada until Covid eases up. They will spend the winter at Surfside and see if they can ship their RV home in 2021.

Lez sighs: Contentment - and what a day of the animal and birdlife out here! Starlings, Gulls, Bald Eagle, Belted Kingfisher, Bufflehead (ducks), Black Tail Deer and the River Otter - the cutest character ever!!!! And another Great Blue Heron. Ahhhh - what a day. Oh, it was a productive and lazy day too!!! With the mid-arm quilting machine out, I finished a small placemat that can be used as a larger trivet for the condiments etc. at the dinner table. The afternoon sunshine beckoned while Lee worked on the supports for the screen room that will be outside our door, and I wandered down the way and caught the eagle pics. Enjoying the weather this weekend - forecast is rain rain next week. Sewing tables will be in use!!! And camera will have a chance to cool off.