Low Tide Walk Along the Shoreline (Oct 29, 2020)

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Low tide is great for wandering.

We headed out to the beach after breakfast. Because it was low tide we were able to walk from the public beach all the way down to the Surfside spit. So many sea shells, crab shells, kelp and a heron standing in the shallows of the incoming tide. It was a great walk with a not so cold breeze and sunshine. After lunch, Lee decided to put up the screen room. However, as the wind got stronger, it became more and more difficult. Abandoned for another day. Supper was once again a great use of the oven as we made lasagna. Washed down with a nice red from Moon Curser and settled in for the evening.

Lez notes: On returning to the Schooner, we took a few minutes to view the estuary - and noticed a heron - mistook it for a piece of driftwood at first! Now, afternoon - the breeze is giving the Schooner a wee shake, although it is supposedly warm out there (14C).