Take a Run into Nanaimo (Oct 27, 2020)

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Our kingdom for a Zweigelt.

We were out fairly early (for us) to do a bunch of shopping in Nanaimo. Besides the usual groceries and gas up, we were looking for some RV parts and some rain wear. None to be found that suited us. We did have lunch at a nice pub restaurant where we will go again. As for the RV stuff, it's going to be on-line shopping. We also found out that it is impossible to deposit a cheque drawn on an Alberta bank at local banks. Will have to save that for January in Edmonton. A bright spot was the chase for a bottle of Zweigelt. We finally found one at Save-On in Parksville. Why that varietal? Because it was published in a magazine that Zweigelt is the best wine to drink with Twizzlers. So there. Oh, and Riesling is the best wine to drink with Hawkins Cheezies.

Lez grins: Yes - we love our cheezies and twizzlers!!! Oh - and the sweet & salty popcorn - but we don't know what wine goes with that!!! May have to "experiment" LOLOL!! I got a pair of really cool woolie socks - thick and warm, need to get more. Also totally forgot to look at rubber boots - got kind of dicouraged at Mark's choice of rain gear - women's larger sizes and about 2 sizes smaller than other stores for the same "size" and men's sizes and waay to long in the sleeve - and the bottom of the jackets are made for those thin man hips. Not a lady's option!! So, the hunt will continue. I'll just stay inside on rainy days!!!!