Night Owls on the Shore (Oct 26, 2020)

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We are at home.

Lee felt like we were truly settled. No pressing issues or tasks. He did some software work and took Hobbes for a walk. Later on, Lez and Lee went for a walk up to the ocean shore. Being at high tide, most spits were inaccessible. It was determined that Lee and Lez are night owls compared to most of the RV'ers here. Many units are already "lights out". No one else is out for a walk after dark - and the moon is out, and the estuary does reflect the lights, the shoreline of Parksville lights up and reflects in the water. Lez will no doubt have fun over time getting some photos. A lazy day all around.

Lez sighs: Content to not have an "adventure" to report on!!! It was a day of photos along the estuary section out our back window. I determined one of the ducks is a Bufflehead! A first time seeing one - so a "lifer" for me. Both male and female - man those males sure get the colours!!! There are lots of Mallards here too. I vacuumed the entire RV - took all of 15 minutes. Did a general cleaning. Yes, *sigh* housework still has to be done! Did a lot of photo editing - catching up on the pics for this blog. So many things we've seen !!