First Walk on the Shoreline (Oct 25, 2020)

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First time for stuff.

We slept in for as long time this morning and then went for a walk on the beach. This is going to be nice; Lez equates it to walking at Clifford E. Lee. Then Lez used the laundry facilities for the first time and Hobbes came up close to the water in the lagoon for the first time. He will be exploring for sure. Finally, we had family dinner with mom at the table for the first time.

Lez grins: No packing up to leave!!! Good excuse to snuggle back under! After breakfast, the sunshine beckoned and we headed for the low tide walk along the shoreline and the spit of land that is not accessible (without getting wet) at high tide. There was a seagull in the rocks - dining on Octopus! When I took the picture, we weren't sure what it was eating - but the close up on the screen afterwards gave us quite a suprise! I'm curious to know if the carcass will still be there after the next tide. We arranged to bring fondue fixins to mom's for dinner, and did the video conferencing of joining the kids in Edmonton. Mom was thrilled with the ability to share some special time with us all! We did the round table, everyone has a chance to share their week. It was a super evening - one we will be repeating for sure!