Hope to Victoria (Oct 20, 2020)

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Five star RV park.

Up at the crack of dawn, broke camp and headed for Vancouver. The closer we got, the more the skies lightened up, until we had full sunshine at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal. A nice relaxing crossing. People parked on the upper decks are encouraged to stay in their vehicles, a relaxation of an earlier Covid ruling that they MUST stay in their vehicles. We were with the 18 wheelers and we were not allowed to stay in our vehicles. After that, we had a short drive and arrived at the RV park. We've never seen anything quite like it and likely will not see another one for a while. Manicured lawns and the site pads are all concrete. Our sewer hose was too short again so this time we headed over to Canadian Tire and bought a connection to attach our two hoses together. We then picked up fish and chips and headed home for a relaxing evening.

Lez marvels: What a well-manicured campground!!! We have not seen the likes of this yet - however we are also "paying the price" - I compare this stay as one at "the extravagent hotel" on our journey. Salish Seaside RV Haven - and it can call itself that - because it is a cut above most "campgrounds". The view of the harbour alone is worth the cost!! I think the ferry vessel bottom deck folk are not allowed to stay in the vehicles because the bottom deck doors are sealed closed. Perhaps a safety precaution should the boat sink, water could get into the deck, and people would not be able to get out. Yes that sun did shine today - clear skies for awhile too! The colours around here are also so rich - and varied. There are some Hydrangea in full blue bloom - in a yard with the golds, yellows and deep greens - oh what a palette. I am getting anxious to set up my sewing "room" in a more permanent mode.