Vanguard to Elkwater (Sep 24, 2020)

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Suck it back, Chuck.

We visited the Pambrun CPR station shortly after leaving Vanguard. This was the smallest, standard CPR station used in the early 20th Century. A map on the wall confirmed the location of the McLeod quarters. We then headed into Swift Current and bought a new screen door handle. After gassing up and picking up lunch we headed west on the Trans Canada. It wasn't long before Lee noticed that our yellow waste hose tote was threatening to take off out of the truck box. We pulled over at the Weigh Station, secured the tote and ate our lunch. Then we drove to Elkwater, with a head wind the entire way on the Trans Canada and a strong side wind on highway 41 to Elkwater. Chuck used three quarters of a tank of gas to go from Swift Current to Elkwater! Once we were checked in, we set up the Schooner in the reserved site under very windy conditions. It seemed to get even windier as we settled in for supper. After eating, we moved Chuck next to the Schooner to act as a bit of a wind break. It seemed to help a bit. Lee took Hobbes for a walk as the sun was going down; he was not impressed but did not seem cold. As opposed to Lee who got freezing cold. He warmed up by making banana muffins.

Lez notes: I had my hair pulled into a pony tail, and the wind was so strong it braided itself!! OK - almost! It was a wind that we have not experienced for a very long time - and did not miss it! The Schooner is rocking as if it were on the high seas!!! Hobbes complained loudly when we stopped and I reassembled the house. He was likely jostled as he tried to sleep on the bed! We tether a few things down, i put dishtowels and then the counter items into the two sinks. Cardboard inserts are put into the cabinets so that if the glasswear or food items are jolted into the cabinet doors they won't open. It was suggested instead of nets that some people put inside their cabinets. So far, so good! The cabinets with small totes of fabric or with heavier books sometimes pop open. May have to add a few more cardboard blockades. We made it through today without losing anything - including no tipped over food in the fridge!! The paved highways are not necessarily smooth sailing (especially in Sask!). Gravel roads often smoother rides, but do allow a lot of dust into the RV! We thought we were in the clear leaving the smaller highways and hitting the Trans Canada. Well then the wind hit - buffetted the Schooner which of course gave Chuck a lot of jolts and slowed us down somewhat. But we are here in Elkwater, and safe and toasty (er... banana muffiny) warm!!! Looking forward to that cuppa coffee and a hot muffy!! I am a lucky lady - and Lee is a great Muffin Man!!!