Tyrrell Museum (Sep 8, 2020)

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Going into the drink.

We headed over to the Tyrrell Museum so we could walk the trails around the area. There was a sign saying that the gray stuff we saw around was bentonite and that it is very slippery when wet. Fine. We wandered along the trails taking many great shots. Near the end we saw a small tree that just didn't seem to fit the area. Lee went down to get a closer shot when he realized he was on a bentonite covered slope. What a slide he had! He managed to stop only by planting one of his feet on a large rock. Almost in the drink so to speak, so we left to go for a drink (at the famous Last Chance Saloon in Wayne). Unfortunately, it is not open on Tuesdays so we drove the road to the end in order to cross all eleven bridges on the road. As we did so, we spotted a beautiful red fox in the ditch (on the way to the end and also on the way back). A bit further and Lee spotted two old cars in a field that just seemed to ring a bell. We drove into the field and sure enough, a couple of early 50's vintage Kaiser-Frazers. One of them was identical to a car Lee's dad had in the Netherlands. After returning to the Schooner we had a BBQ supper and then drove down the highway a bit to hopefully catch some sunset photos on the hillsides. It did not work out on this evening but the peace and quiet was wonderful.

Lez adds her two cents: What a great day, wandering the badlands (except for that helpless feeling watching Lee do the surprise slide!! - and over 300 photos to cull through, and then an evening sunset sitting on the tail gate of Chuck off to the side of a gravel highway, just talking or not, marvelling at the everchanging light and the vast and raw land of the Red Deer River badlands. Humbling to realize just how small we are in the grand scheme of the Universe.