Chris and Aaron family dinner (Sep 3, 2020)

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Weighing in.

Ralph stopped by after breakfast on his way back to Vancouver. Nice to see him again. We did some laundry, and re-organized a bit more. On her way over to the laundry building, Lez found the bottle of tar remover. It fell off near the first speed bump. We then headed over to Chris and Aaron's for our final dinner together until January 2021. Fun and laughs as usual. On the way over, we also took a few moments to weigh Chuck without having the Schooner attached.

Lez excited to hit the road, not so excited to leave the family for so long: This is IT!!!! We head out in the morning!! Each day for the "Shake down run" there was always something new, something not expected, something to show us life is the same all over the country. Even with the social distancing, we have said "Hi" to neighbours - some chatty, some not. All enjoying this great country in their RV's - all ready to share a tip about another campground. Already we've met northern Quebecers, New Brunswickers, a waitress in Edgerton SK cafe (gotta look up that one!) who is from Chapel Arm Newfoundland! I'm sure there's a story in there - how/why no-wheres-ville SK with a recommendation to catch the Jenner campground in Nfld.