Glowing Embers RV Park (Aug 30, 2020)

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Darn, that hose is still too short.

OK, so we have full service in this site, but all connections are at the back of the site. That's OK for power and water, but our sewer hoses just can't reach. So, Lee used the portable sewer tank to fill in one spot, move 10 feet and empty it at the other spot. Just like the early days at Port Ordze, but without the Flying J visits. Mid afternoon, we had a visit from Alec. We had a great chat around the table before he took us out to the truck and showed us how to communicate to the in dash screen with our cell phones. OK, now we have navigation on that screen. We then had a BBQ supper with him, he looked through many of our photos from the first month and selected some he wanted copies of. He left after coffee and we settled in for the evening.

Lez observes: Need a bigger hose! Alec came by today and joined us for the afternoon and dinner. We needed the "tech support" to get our navigation system working in Chuck - so we can use the dash screen to follow our plotted destinations. Must test it out before we leave town later this week, just in case we need a bit more "support"!!