Leduc to Acheson (Aug 27, 2020)

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Remembering Stevie. What a guitarist!

Having breakfast today, K-97 celebrated the 30th anniversary of Stevie Ray Vaughan death. We saw him in concert all four times he played in Edmonton. So sad, but so glad we saw him live. The greatest guitar player ever, says Lee. Our first stop today was Arrkann to get a diagnosis on several issues. Luckily none were serious enough to require immediate work. Then we were off to Glowing Embers. It was a bit strange to be driving the Henday to a campground knowing this had been our home for almost 40 years. We finished the day by going out for supper and running some chores.

Lez muses: Yes, the west end of Edmonton (long before the Henday) was home since the spring of '83. The changes we saw and were very much a part of - great memories - and NO regrets!!! The boys were born and grew up on 189th street, and we had good times. Now, we are still having good times, just seeing more of our country - up close and personal.