Whipped into town     [Jul 7, 2022]

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Home of the Raiders
Kelly Acreage

Lee notes that we went shopping in the home of the Raiders today, Prince Albert. We've seen some great games between them and the Oil Kings over the years.

Shopping was uneventful. Prince Albert is that 'in between' kind of city. They have all the big box stores but you can get from the south edge of the city to the north edge in under ten minutes. We found everything we needed.

Lez is busy making placemats for gifts and has no time to comment. LOL says Lee!

Yes dear, I'm in 'my space' and enjoying the sew day after the strenuous task of shopping in PA. Just joking.

However, one item that is not a joke. As we come to several intersections in the city, there is no signage to tell us what street we are approaching. We are stopped at the lights, and I look at all the poles, all the wires - nothing to give me an indication of where we are - which is kind of necessary in getting to where we want to be! We've had the same experience in other cities over our journey and I no longer feel guilty about driving too slow, suddenly turning when we realize where we need to be, or just cutting people off. Yes, those who live in those cities know the roads, but we are visiting your fair city and wish to see all the great things you have to offer. But we need to able to find them without whizzing on by because we did not have a street name or number to reference.