Packing up     [Jun 27, 2022]

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Fueled up and ready to go exploring
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

It is mixed emotions time. We are at our very good friends' acreage for the last day. The Zeisslers have been wonderful friends since the 80's. We have laughed together, gone on wine buying trips together, worked together and matured together. We may not see them again face-to-face for a long time if our Roads Less Gravelled plans come to fruition.

We have been here for more than three weeks. Lee will miss the Zeisslers and miss that John Deere tractor.

Thanks to modern technology we will not be far away.

Today is a task of put all the finishing touches on our flooring and painted walls. The place feels good - my stuffy nose is history. Lee installed all the baseboards we painted and stained. We have put all the RV furniture back in place now, and we are set to travel. I am getting excitedly anxious to get on the road again. We had a super time with family and friends, some via Zoom and some face to face. Now it's time to spend time seeing new sights and some old haunts, taking in the outdoor concerts along the way, visiting friends and family. Looking forward to seeing our neighbours at Surfside and hopefully this winter will be able to have more social events - like a quilting bee!