It's getting close     [Jun 25, 2022]

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It's transition time
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

One of the last things we need to do before leaving is to design and build the transition piece between the main floor and the big slideout. Lee has an idea and after a visit to Home Depot, the solution has emerged. Tomorrow he puts it into place.

Lee talks about our million dollar home, the one we are in, the one that feels so good. Today for supper Lee had to find an appropriate wine. Too many choices in our cellar, so he picked a nice bubbly. No celebration to consider, just a nice bubbly from a wine cellar in an RV.

As we replace flooring, paint walls, touch up here and there - I keep saying that it's only an RV. Today I mused that if it was a million dollar home we were maintaining or planning to sell, then every piece of corner moulding would meet to perfection, every floor tile would be pattern matched and seated seamlessly. Such a home would have outside windows washed daily, the kitchen dish towels would match, there would be no tape keeping something together or closed.

As I sit in The Schooner at the comfort of the kitchen chair and table posting on the computer and look around I am truly thankful that I have a home worth a million dollars to us. It is OUR home. It is dry in thunderstorms, it is warm or cool as needed, the fridge and cupboards are stocked, we even use our 50 yr old wedding china to dine on. In the RV we have what we need and more. LOL we have a huge CD collection filled with the bands from the era we grew up listening to. If no radio signal is available we can enjoy good ol Rock and Roll. We have a TV we can watch as we tether to our cell phone service wherever there is WIFI. AND we have no fixed address and all the responsibilities that implies.

We are about to embark upon more new adventures for the summer of 2022. I hope you continue to enjoy the vistas and adventures we share.