Lamination termination     [Jun 24, 2022]

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It's over for another year
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

Lee laments that the Oil Kings are finished for the year having lost too many points to advance in the Memorial Cup tournament. Such a great team and good memories of great young hockey players.

The bedroom is now under new-flooring adventure. Hobbes is truly concerned. We stripped the bed of all the sheets so we could move the mattress. There he sits in the middle - meowing and meowing. He was right pissed off. He has no quilt to sleep on! OK OK. We got it. We move his basket from the back of the RV closer to the fire place (it is cool in here today), and I spread the quilt he usually snoozes on and place it in his basket. All is well and he snoozes the day away.

The bedroom flooring is done well before the day is done. We actually watched a downloaded movie to end our evening. Yes, one of those shmaltzy romance ones.