Bighorn Sheep and deep canyons     [May 25, 2022]

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Be selective, be selective
Whistlers Campground, Jasper AB

Lee wanted to 'say hello' to his mother, or at least her ashes which were spread on Old Fort Point outside Jasper. So, we hiked up a short way and discovered that the elevation change was much more noticeable than twenty years ago. I think it's our age. Lez stayed back at the spot where we spread mom's ashes and Lee soldiered on to the top. Heavy breathing was involved. But, the view and the Big Horn Sheep made it worth it.

We then went to Maligne Canyon. What a beautiful hike! The rushing water is incredible.

The paths are more worn, and there are now stairs and railings to assist the hike over uneven terrain. I find the stairs harder to do than the sloped flat path. Balance is an issue. I chatted with a couple of young women from 'the UK'. They were from an area close to where mom and I visited friends Graham and Anita Cornford back in 2000. We had a long chat while Lee went on to the top.

Lee got a great photo of the Big Horn Sheep - beautiful animal. The sheep pay no attention to people, just avoid us and keep their eye on us, moving on.

We continued our hiking into Maligne Canyon. Maligne Memories - photos from 1973 are the only previous Maligne Canyon photos we took that I can find. There were familiar landmarks, and now looking at the old photos - we saw those same chasms and some landmarks this time. Yes, we are going to have to be selective from the 142 photo left after the first cull of duplicates.

Words are not enough to share the beauty, the vastness of our Rocky Mountains. I hope you enjoy our photos and find an opportunity to see the Rockies from more than Hwy 16 for a week. (A day is not enough).