A raven stares at us     [May 22, 2022]

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Waiting for the clouds to move
Irvins RV Park, Valemount BC

We hop onto the Yellowhead Highway and head for Rear Guard Falls. What an amazing display of moving water. And the colours are amazing.

We follow up with a short drive to the Terry Fox Memorial rest area from which we can see Mount Terry Fox. What he did is still amazing.

We head for Mount Robson and a tailgate lunch as we wait patiently for the clouds on the top of Mount Robson to dissipate or move. There is enough movement that at one point we can see the tip of the top.

As we wander around the Visitors Centre we hear that familiar tone of the Dutch language. As it turns out, there is a bus tour of Dutch people stopped there for lunch. We engage in some small talk with some of them before heading back to the Schooner.

The Rear Guard Falls have got to be one most beautiful accessible spots along the Fraser River. The water is an incredible noisy force - with greens, blues, white bubble spray as it roars through the rocks piled in all angles. The sun was back lighting the water as it first crests over the initial drop - and it is so clear. I used the Starburst filter on the camera for a couple of photos - added a neat starburst sparkle effect. The parking lot is not big, and the trail is fairly steep - but I made it through without issue and can add another nature marvel to this great country. As we journeyed further east, Mt. Terry Fox named in his honour for his promotion and perserverance in his attempt to cross Canada coast to coast on foot. Truly on one foot and one prosthetic leg/foot to raise awareness and funds to fight cancer.

Mt. Robson, the highest point of the Canadian Rockies and a part of the Rainbow Range, was our next point of interest. We have driven past many times, walked some of the trail once many eons ago, and have photos in our files of the mountain in all seasons. This time we stopped and had our lunch on the tailgate of Chuck and had a super view of the mountain. A wisp of cloud refused to provide us with that perfect peak photo.

It was great to connect with the Dutch visitors - and practice a little Dutch at the same time. No need really as they spoke English.

We headed back to the Schooner for the later afternoon and I dug out fabric leftovers from various projects that I would like to use to make squares of fabric to assemble into an as yet undetermined design for a quilt. I spent a couple of hours ironing - on the picnic table, underneath the awnng outside in the warmth (keep the RV cool). A stack of triangles are now being held in place in the crate I piled them in. Yes, Hobbes always finds the best place to sleep is on mom's quilt projects. the leftover light coloured fabric from the curtains will be used to partner with the colourful leftovers.