Zwaal Family Story

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Hi there! And hello again if you are one of our many returning visitors

We have some interesting milestones occurring on our journey. Most significantly, we have been on this adventure for almost 1,000 days without a break. And we are still loving every minute of it. But as such, we think it is time to freshen up the website a bit.

Each page now shows our site rating. From the beginning we have rated each site on a scale of three stars. You can read more about how we rated the facilities by using the Facts and Metrics button at the top of this page.

Some people have asked for more detail about our travels from location to location. You will now find a link to a map on each travel day where we drove a significant distance.

Visually, you will notice we have replaced the blue and grey palette with shades of orange.

And most boring of all, we made many corrections to spelling and grammar. You know this well; you can stare at some text over and over and there will still be some mistake. Hopefully we have corrected them all now.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to use the link below to send us an email.

So, what's next? We will be celebrating our third anniversary of our travels in April. At that time, it's off to northern British Columbia and the Yukon. We are getting excited to head up there for six months.

Enjoy our story!

Lee, Lezley, and Hobbes Zwaal

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